Company Profile

Welcome to Apex Kidney Care Labs

Saving a life by preventing kidney disease and enhancing kidney health of the patients is the main idea behind setting up world-class diagnostic Apex Kidney Care Labs in the city of Mumbai. It helps in a screening of patients for detecting the kidney disease in early-stage and also for seeing the progress of kidney disease.

We are equipped with the best of technology from Ortho clinical, Roche, Sysmex, Bio-Rad, Abbott and Fuji Film. Our technologists ensure a quick Turnaround time and patient satisfaction.

Code of Conduct plays a key role at Apex Kidney Care Labs. The key features are Quality, Trust, Integrity, Confidentiality and Responsibility.

The logistics team commits round the clock specimen loading at the Central Processing Lab and on-time deliveries of reports.

Our Mission

  • • To evolve into the definitive destination in renal diagnostics
  • • To innovate and invent analytic algorithms to maximise patient benefit
  • • To deliver affordable diagnostics to patients countrywide utilising economies of scale and technology
  • • To leverage data into valuable material for cutting edge research

In the spirit of teamwork and backed by trained, dedicated and knowledgeable laboratory staff, together with adhering to current technology, we shall provide an efficient, reliable service towards achieving excellence in patient care and to pursue professional and technological advancement through continuous training, research and development.

Our Vision

Partnering with clinicians in arriving at the final diagnosis and to achieve this at a price that does not eclipse the cost of treatment.

To provide an efficient, precise and innovative laboratory service based on a Quality Management System to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Our Values

With an emphasis on the highest level of Quality, Driven by the best in contemporary Technology, on a foundation of Ethics and Responsibility, and a belief in the value of databasing and ongoing clinicopathological Research.